Here we go again?

What part of “bring the troops home” do our elected politicians not get? During the past 20 years or so we have spent trillions of dollars on what? Are we better off after thousands of dead and tens of thousands of wounded? How would victory be defined? Why are we still in Afghanistan? Are the healthcare and mental health needs of our existing veterans being cared for in a world class manner?

What reason have we been given to trust the people making these decisions? During the past three election cycles the winner promised to get out of these wars. What happened?

Is the power now invested in the Executive Branch in the post-9/11 era justified? Is it legitimate that the Iraq AUMF is still being used as a license to conduct warfare in 2020? Is the Legislative Branch asleep at the wheel or acting in the interests of corporations?

Is it “isolationist” to be skeptical of our ability to affect a meaningful outcome in that region?