A return to blogging?

Happy New Year!

Let’s do some old school blogging. With the return of dangerousmeta and with the recognition that Twitter is all snark and/or mostly an echo chamber, I’m eager for something better.

I think self-censorship really took off in earnest when we saw people lose their jobs and get their reputations/lives ruined by a single tweet. God forbid we say something that could be construed as “wrong” by the folks who define such things.

I’m a fan of what Carlin said of himself as being a Free Speech absolutist. When I was younger this seemed like a default position for Americans. I’m not so naive as to think that speech shouldn’t have consequences. But we’re living in a time in which what we see online is not a reflection of how people truly feel on the issues of the day. What is the solution?

It’s tempting to use my voice for negative things, for criticism and condemnation. I view that as perhaps cathartic but not helpful. I would much rather praise what I admire, or elaborate on what could be called a solution to a challenge. Let’s have more speech in 2020!